Tuesday, March 22, 2016

VIX:MMXVI - First Quarter Analysis

As March is quickly coming to an end (seriously, where does the time go?!), I figure that it was a good milestone to reflect on any progress and drawbacks encountered and if there is a need to readjust my VIX:MMXVI goal for 2016 (I have a slight dependency on Excel worksheets, seriously.)

My ultimate goal was just to make sure that I was on path towards running at least 216 miles this year. Since I don't run that often in general, I had to break down the goal into smaller milestones just so that I don't feel overwhelmed or fall quickly behind pace. To ensure that I was on track, I simply told myself that I need to run at minimum four to five miles a week. Four to five miles is what most runners would eat for breakfast, but for me, it is a lot more than what I'm used to running in the past couple of years.  Thus, breaking it down into a smaller aim made the goal much easier to tackle.

I'm happy to share that I have been making good strides in meeting my monthly mileage aim and even going over! A part of me fears of having to run 6+ miles on the very last day of the month just to meet quota so I try to squeeze in a quick run whenever possible.  The other part of me is slowly reconnecting with the joy found in running. The short moment where you can just cancel out all the noise in life and get lost in the movement and whatever jam is blasting through the headphones.

Last month, I ran the annual Firecracker 10K in the heart of Chinatown and was able to PR my 10K time! While I missed my goal by one minute, I was happy to see that my time has improved from the previous two years of running this race. It actually instigated the itch to sign up for some more races and possibly bring myself out of halfie hiatus/retirement. (Stay tuned to see which races I sign up for the rest of 2016!)

Another progress that I've seen over this quarter is that my endurance and stamina have noticeably improved. When running with my running group, I noticed that I'm stopping less frequently and am able to run longer distances at a slightly faster pace. (All of those sprint interval trainings on the treadmill are finally paying off!) I've actually ran a small handful of times with the next tiered pace group and am really enjoying the new challenge! 

Overall, I'm happy with the progress that I've made in the first three months.  As for the next quarter, I'm hoping to run more frequently, include some long(er) distance runs, and strengthen my incline endurance (i.e. finally run up Hill or Bunker St. without stopping!) 

Cheers to growing stronger everyday!