Friday, December 16, 2011

Holiday Cubicle Decorating Contest!

A few weeks ago, one of our directors announced a Holiday Cubicle decorating contest to our office.  Having the opportunity to be creative, and competitive (a semi-bad vice of mine), I was immediately on board!  It took me a while to figure out what direction I wanted to go with my initial decor, but upon the eve of the judging, it dawned on me on how I wanted to finish off my theme.

This cute fella can be spotted at your local Target (:
 I wanted to do something simple, different, and for as cheap as possible (it would be defeated to spend more than the prize, right?)  Due to the location of my cubicle, my outer walls were off limits to decorate, so I was basically left to work with just the interior of my cubicle.  After some thought, I realized that I wanted to create an outdoor Winter Wonderland scene, emphasizing primarily on lighter Winter tones with a touch of vibrancy.

Using an old, white jewelry stand from Ikea as the foundation for my Christmas tree, I hung a handful of sparkly ornaments to contrast the white.

I created some 'gift boxes' by folding leftover scraps of wrapping paper and accenting with red ribbon.  Also, I tried to strategically pin the push pins at the crossing of the ribbons to give it a bow effect.

To add a touch of evergreen to my Winter Wonderland, I picked up a few paint chip samples from Lowes, sliced it into large triangles, and pinned it as smaller pine trees in the background.

To elaborate on the Winter aspect, I hung some white sparkly snowflakes across the wall, creating a snowy effect.

Put those simple touches together and this is what one of my cubicle walls look like.

On another free wall, I pinned up clean coffee filters into a triangular shape in effort to create a Christmas tree silhouette.  (Originally, I wanted to use various sized dollies, but was unsuccessful in finding it at the dollar store.)  I used a vase filled with ornaments to create the trunk of the tree, topping it off with a silver ornament as the star.

Earlier this week, my little brother was in town visiting his girlfriend.  While over one night to hang out, he was sweet enough to suggest ideas as well as help me make these cute little snowmen!  Thanks, lil one!

To complete the scene on this wall, I painted a quick ice skating rink on a large white Post-It and placed another cute penguin with some snowmen friends (perched up by using binder clippers) around the rink.  I finished off the scenery with some Christmas lights that wrapped around my cubicle.

Pack of Penguin cards: $3.99
Christmas lights: $2.79
Ornaments (3 rolls @ $1/ea) : $3.00
Snowflakes: $1.00
Total: $10.78*

* Everything else used I already had on hand.

As much as I wanted to win, a few of my coworkers really stole the show with their creative and festive spirits (= 

1st Place for Most Creative.

2nd Place for Most Creative.

1st Place for Most Festive.
My next challenge?  Our upcoming annual dessert bake off!

From my cubicle to yours, Happy Holidays!

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  1. Oh wow, yours turned out so super duper cute! Sorry you didn't win :( You'll get them at the bake-off :)

  2. @Vanna: Thank you! I tried my best (:

    @Skippy: Thanks! I'll have to scour the internet for a tasty recipe (:


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