Sunday, January 15, 2017

Class Pass Series: SpeedPlayLA

What's more romantic than moving like molasses and stretching at the sink while you brush your teeth and admitting to your sig other about how sore you are from yesterday's workout?

Nothing.  Absolutely, nothing. But this is a real life scene the day after our HIIT workout over the weekend.

The fella and I took our second Class Pass class Saturday morning at Speedplay in Downtown Los Angeles (second location in Beverly Hills.)  Speedplay offers 60 minute classes that are high intensity interval training based, mixing stations that are run, row, lift and suspension inspired.  The perk of HIIT workouts is that the alternate bursts of different activities keep your body guessing AND helps your body to continue burning calories hours after you finished working out.  One hour of sweat that leads to many hours of calorie burning? That's my kind of workout!

Studio: Speedplay LA
Date/Time: January 14th, 2017 @ 9:15AM
Normal Price: $27-$30/class (first class is $15!)
Instructor: Jenny Savage

The fella and I arrived about 15 minutes early to sign the waiver and meet with our instructor, Jenny. Jenny was such an awesome instructor - she was warm and welcoming, giving us a high overview of what to expect in our first session. I also appreciated that she helped us get familiar with the Woodway Curve treadmill. This treadmill is not your ordinary treadmill due to its curved frame. It took me a few tries before being able to trust the treadmill - I honestly felt like I was going to fall off!  Once I was able to align my core with my stride, I felt balanced and was able to let go of the handles (although I did hover over the handles just in case an embarrassing slip was in the works!)  Another neat fact about the Woodway Curve is that it helps burn about 30% more calories than your conventional treadmill! Cheers again to anything that maximizes my calorie burning!

In our Speedplay 60 session, there were four 9-minute sections that were filled with various activities. We rotated from running intervals on the Woodway Curve treadmill, strengthening our core with TRX suspended equipment, rowing, and finished the rotation with sets of lifting dumbbells. 

So, how'd we like the class?

Her:  I LOVED every minute of this session. Even though I always feel like HIIT type of workouts kick my dearie rear, I absolutely enjoy them! I like how each station targeted a different part of my body all while keeping my heartrate up. Working with the TRX suspension was a little tricky for me, especially when trying to do lunges, but I did like using it while doing squats and pushups! If you're a fan of NTC, I'd recommend folks giving Speedplay a try! Overall, I definitely would revisit Speedplay and consider becoming a member in the future.

Him:  The class was great! It was cool doing a mix of running on the Woodway treadmill and using the TRX equipment as part of our workout. Both are equipment that I don't normally get to use, so it was a nice mix to my regular workout sessions. 

We have a packed schedule this coming week, so stay tuned for our next feature!

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