Sunday, January 1, 2017

Hello, 2017!


Trying to type out the first few words of a post (after a long hiatus) is almost as nerve-wrecking as dialing the first three digits of your crush's phone number. You're feeling a bit brave, but there is also a smidgen of uncertainty that lingers in the back of your mind.

As I type, delete, and retype, I find myself so frustrated at how rusty this all feels. Back in my early twenties, writing a post would flow much more naturally and comfortably. Nowadays, I just incur a lot of drafts with incomplete sentences in queue.  Perhaps I had more time back then or priorities shifted as I got older - whatever the case may be, I'm taking the start of the new year to reconnect to a favorite past time. 

Writing has always been therapeutic for me as it forces me to sit solo and word vomit (in an organized manner, of course) into a text field.  I enjoy typing a post rather than writing in a notebook because let's face it - backspace and delete are much more convenient and cleaner than crossing words out and using white out. Also, no hand cramps (I have a tendency to grasp with a death grip on my pen while writing.)

Traditionally, the mark of the new year is the vortex for folks to make resolutions to become a better version of themselves. Well, what do you do when you're already the best version of yourself? (I kid, I kid!) I don't necessarily have resolutions, but I do have some goals/plans that I want to work on this year.

+ Financials. I am horrible at saving money. Despite the fact that I am a financial analyst and Microsoft Excel is my bible, I have a hard time working with a personal budget. My personal motto of "Live a little" often is the cause of my savings' demise. Don't get me wrong, I'm not making it rain like a Vegas nightclub; I'm just not saving as much as I should be.  To break into the habit, I requested my bank do bi-weekly auto-transfers into an interest earning account. This tricks me into thinking that I have less funds to work with, thus curbing my YOLO moments. At times it can be annoying to consciously turn down a Target run, but I know that my future self would be happier to roll in a bed of cash (just kidding) versus accumulating a bunch of unnecessary things (who really needs another Nate Berkus decorative desk item anyways?) 

+ Fiddie. A disclaimer - I'd like to consider myself as a nurturing humans. To plants, not so much. I often forget to water them and would overcompensate when I do remember. Thus, I end up with a lot of crunchy and/or rotting plants.  Despite my murderous relationships with plants, I craved to own a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree. I partially blame West Elm catalogs and YouTube vloggers because I saw the darling plant everywhere! Anyways, during the holidays, the fella purchased a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree for me. "This is your responsibility. Don't let it die." Awesome footer to a greeting card, right? Well, it's been about three weeks and I'm happy to report that Fiddie is still green and thriving in my Woman Cave (let's hope I can give a similar update in 364 days.) While this may seem like an easy peasy goal for some, it really is a commitment for me. I haven't had a plant succeed under my care since Obama's first term. If it wasn't for the fella tending to our herb and succulent garden, we'd seriously only have concrete and empty planters outside.

+ Side Project/Hustle. The past couple of years, I directed a good chunk of time and energy on life milestones. I finished my Masters' program, planned a wedding, bought a home, and married my best friend. While work projects, fitness goals and life in general keeps me busy as it is, I want to use my newfound "free time" to work on a side project of my own and bring it into fruition. This is something that I'm still brainstorming on, but am excited to research and delve into! 

What are some of your goals/plans for the new year?


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