Monday, May 1, 2017

I Found the One!

Finding a home studio to attend is almost like finding a match to date. You want a place that is clean, friendly, hard-working, motivating, and keeps you guessing so that you want to keep coming back for more (c'mon, no one likes predictable!)

For the first three months of the year, the fella and I were actually courting around a few fitness studios (thanks to ClassPass!).  Each studio had their own niche and carried distinct features that we both appreciated. Regardless of the activity, each studio had its way of making us sweat like it was 105* on a hot Summer's day. While we had fun and went home feeling accomplished after each session, there was one studio in particular that we always circled back to.

Elevate Pasadena (@elevatepasadena) - they don't offer you a nice, cold towel after each session nor have an alkaline water dispenser at the studio, but they do offer you a high five at the end of the workout and facilitate an environment there like no other. From the trainers to the other classmates, everyone is friendly, personable and more than willing to help you if you happen to get lost in transition.  The vibe at Elevate Pasadena strongly resembles a family, where you can feel comfortable to just be you.  There is no judgement in regards to your fitness level because all they really want is for you to grow and succeed in whatever your fitness goals may be.

The family vibes actually extends outside of the studio as Elevate has a strong partnership with a local NutriShop (@nspasadena) and meal prep company (@vmppasadena). The trifecta group work closely together to aid folks in their fitness, nutrition and health supplement needs to meet their target.

This past weekend, the trio put together an awesome outdoor event in the Pasadena community where folks can participate in a 12-station circuit training session at a local neighborhood park.

After a quick warm-up, folks dispersed into small groups of four and mosied their way onto one of 12 stations.  Stations included activities such as rowing, kettle bell swings/squats, plate presses, jump boxes, rope jumps, and so much more. It may seem overwhelming and that the session will never end, but each circuit only lasted about three minutes so the entire workout moved along quite quickly.  It was really great to see a wide array of the Elevate family as well as some new faces this past weekend.  The event allowed folks from different sessions (morning + evening regulars) to meet and greet with one another and just have fun!

If you're ever interested in trying out a circuit session or are looking for a potential home studio, come check out Elevate in Pasadena!

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